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 and cries. After a few moments of silence, Saint Catherine enters and stands by the little shepherdess. She looks tenderly on the girl, touches her gently and murmurs: "Joan... " Joan raises her head, sees the radiant face of the virgin, and falls to her knees, crying:

O Lady! how beautiful you are!... Even just the sight of you comforts me... But who are you? I have never seen a vision so sweet, so luminous...
to the tune of "Tombé du nid... La blonde enfant de la colline" ["Fallen From the Nest... The Blonde Girl From the Hill"]
I am the virgin Catherine
Come from Heaven to comfort you.
This is my Divine mission:
To bless you and watch over you.
Like you, I was on the earth
A dear child of the Lord.
To me He was so tender
That I gave my heart to Him.
Beginning life,
In joy I gave
To God my springtime.
At eighteen, I was martyred!...


© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc




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