RP1 09r

And in the virgin Catherine,
Beloved spouse of My heart.
Fulfill your godly mission
Sustain my humble flower."

SAINT CATHERINE, to Saint Margaret

Melody: "Tombé du nid" ["Fallen From the Nest"]

Greetings, O beautiful Queen!
Whom the Great King loves.
Come, lovely Sovereign,
Sit down beside me
And teach this simple shepherdess
How she may reign forever.
This child who is so dear to us
Deserves our care and our love,
When she is martyred,
Coming to smile upon her,
We will show her Heaven
And we will take her there!...

The two saints sit down on the rock. Joan stays on her knees before them.

Melody: "Seigneur, quand de ma froide couche..."
Heaven is so close to earth
And the Lord knows your desires.
The saints hear your prayers
And they gather up all your sighs.

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc





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