RP1 10r

Not wanting any praise.
Everything will be for Jesus.
Your angel who will gather your virtues,
How you will make that angel smile!
Dear shepherdess, see
How forever you will reign
Despising earthly honors.
Jesus will have all your love.


O, beautiful Queen, it is true! The only honor and glory I want is Our Lord's. I care nothing for earthly grandeur, but I would wish to be of the royalty of Heaven, whatever it costs. Even if I must go to the ends of the earth and there pour out all my blood, I hope that, with the grace of Our Lord, I will never hesitate for even a moment.


Melody: "Tombé du nid" ["Fallen From the Nest"].

Like me, you will be martyred
But Jesus will give you strength.
He will rest in your heart forever
Like a sweet bouquet of myrrh.
After this life's exile



© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc





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