RP1 10v


Jesus will know to comfort you.
Inclining his holy Face toward you,
 He will give you His kiss!...
Joan, young martyr,
In a holy trance,
In Heaven forever,
You will sing of His goodness...


If Jesus looks on me with His Holy Face, then I understand that I must suffer, but I am only His little spouse, and I want to try to return to Him love for love. Tell me, I beg you, what I should do to have Our Lord look down on me with favor.


Melody: "L'ange a fini sa mélodie" ["The Angel Has Finished Her Song"].

You must leave this countryside
To obey the Divine King
But He'll be your companion.
He wants to go with you.


And my parents The Dear God will take care of them, too, no doubt?... The sorrow that my leaving will bring to them is more painful to me than all these other sacrifices



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