RP1 11v

When that Star reveals her beauty
Her glories will light you up
With her unspeakable clarity.
You will see without a shadow
That sweet Star
Shine in your eyes,
For ever and ever in Heaven.

JOAN, looking up to Heaven.

But when will I get to see her, that sweet and luminous star?... O, all you beautiful Saints in Paradise! You who have already seen Mary's virginal white splendor, lead me soon near to her (Pause)
Oh! Tell me, I beg you, what brings a Virgin Martyr and a great Queen down from Heaven to comfort a poor little shepherd girl, and show her the joys of Paradise?...


 Melody: "Seigneur, quand de ma froide couche" ["Lord, When From my Chilly Bed"] to the end.

Do not be surprised
That a Queen should come to see you.
God's sovereign grandeur
Has looked upon your soul.


© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc