RP1 12v

But the Infant Jesus, wrapped in swaddling clothes,
Rather than the great splendor,
Rather than the ardor of His angels,
Preferred humility!....

I, too, want to remain always very little and very humble, so that I will be like Jesus, and He will dwell in me.... O beautiful Saints! you who have deigned to call me your sister, watch over me always. With you on my side, I'll fear no danger, but if you abandon me, I'll again become weak and timid like before.

She walks up to Joan, kisses her on the forehead and chants:
I am your sister and your friend.
Forever I'll watch over you
Since in the Eternal Fatherland
 You'll be placed beside me.
Soon the celestial hills
Where the virginal flock grazes
Will open to you their divine wellsprings
Transparent like a crystal
And in the countryside
With your companions
You will follow the Lamb
Singing the new canticle!...


© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc




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