RP1 13r


The hour is already late,
And we must rise again to Heaven.
But do not fear, beloved child,
You'll see us in this place again.
We'll return with Michael the great archangel
 To bring you blessings
And you'll hear that beautiful angel himself
Tell you that you must depart.

 The saints leave. Joan gazes after them, still on her knees.

[Scene 9]

JOAN, alone.

Oh, my God, how powerful You are!... As you order me to save my Fatherland, You have given me a burning love for France. Now my heart has wholly changed and it seems to be on fire!
I know Your will, Lord, and wish to do it, but I do not grasp the details of my mission O Saint Michael! let me hear your voice again, now I no longer fear the sword or the war, and I can bear the vision of your shining face.
Tell me, I beg you, to whom must I turn to learn the art of combat?

[Scene 10] 



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