RP1 13v


Saint Michael appears floating in the air, like the first time. Joan seems overwhelmed with joy at seeing him.
Melody: "Partez, hérauts" ["Go, Heralds"].
Joan, you must bring our noble cause
To the brave Lord of Baudricourt
But he at first will not believe in you
And will be deaf to your request.
God the Most High, in His omnipotence,
Will overcome that grand lord's pride
Till he submits himself to you
Obedient as a humble servant.
Armed for war at Baudricourt
 Go choose for yourself a guard of honor
To leave from Vaucouleurs
On your proud and happy mission.


But where will I find the king? I do not know him, nor the city where he lives.


At Chinon you will see the great Dauphin
 Surrounded by his courtiers.
God well knows how to make him known to you
Even in simple and humble garments.


© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc