RP1 14r

"Kind Prince," you'll say to him, "before
This grand assembly, I pledge you my faith.
To your name belongs the power,
You are the rightful king.
Be certain that Saint Louis and Charlemagne
Never cease to kneel in prayer.
 France is their Fatherland, and on the holy mountain
They are fighting for you!..."


Will the king want to believe me? How can he entrust an army to a little shepherd girl?...


Daughter of God, brave-souled daughter! 
Yes, Charles VII will hear your voice
And in battle your army will be
More powerful than those of mighty kings.
Joan, you must quickly rescue Orleans
Which the enemy now besieges.
Your appearance alone will lift the siege there
And you'll see all the English flee!
Then on to Reims victoriously,
Your battle standard by your side.
There you will celebrate the glorious feast
Of the consecration of your King!...


© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc