RP1 14v

On that day, courageous warrior,
You'll see your mission accomplished
And on that day you'll see your Father
Elbowing his way through the crowds to bless you.
As he takes you into his arms, you will feel
Your love of family reborn, and your former home
 Will seem the only resting place
You need after so many exploits.


Oh, yes, Domremy will always be the place which is dear to my heart! Once I have done God's will, I'll return here. When my mission is complete, my only wish will be to hide myself away and leave to God alone the glory of the triumph.
But I fear that the King won't want me to leave his army I beg you, glorious Archangel, tell me what to do then?...


If Charles VII will not accept
Your prayer, your humble wishes,
Joan, invoke your God, whose love is so tender.
Entrust the future to Him!...

[Scene 11 ]

Saint Michael disappears. Joan remains perfectly still, as if in ecstasy. Soon the little shepherd girls approach her, looking disturbed.



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