RP1 15r



Joan, the feast is about to begin, we kept hoping you'd come along, but we began to fear that something might have happened to you ...Why do you make us worry so, don't you know how much we love you?...


O Joan! why didn't you come? If you knew how scared I was! You promised you'd join me, and this is the first time you've ever broken your word!...


Something serious made me forget my promise, but nothing bad has happened to me. Don't be afraid, go back to the feast without worrying.

CATHERINE, softly.

No Joan, I can't go back, I can see quite clearly that you've heard something extraordinary, and I want to stay with you. (She begins to weep.)


Germaine, go on back to the feast, people will notice you're not there. I'll stay with Catherine, since she is not reasonable enough to be without me.



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