RP1 15v



I can tell you have a secret.... I hope you'll let me share it some other day. Goodbye Joan, I'll be back tomorrow.


See you then, Germaine.

[Scene 12]

JOAN, after Germaine is gone, sits down by her sister on a rock and says:

Catherine, my dear little sister, rejoice, God has chosen me to save France. Saint Michael appeared to me and ordered me to go rescue the city of Orleans and let the king be crowned at Reims.

CATHERINE, dumbfounded.

Joan, you're leaving! you're going to leave me! I don't know what Orleans and Reims are, but I know you're going to leave well, take me with you!


No, Catherine, you cannot follow me to war, but don't be distressed, I will come back after I've accomplished God's will. 


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