RP1 16r


CATHERINE, sobbing.

So, you don't love me anymore, since you want to leave me?... I'll die of sorrow... And our poor parents, they'll never be able to bear such pain.

JOAN, sadly.

Now I am sorry I've told you my secret, since it made you cry. I cried myself, when the Archangel told me to leave, but Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret came to comfort me. They've promised to protect me and they said that God will greatly reward my dear parents, if I faithfully obey the Lord's voice.


I won't cry anymore, since it troubles you.... I see quite clearly God has visited you, I see something in your face that inspires respect.


Now, Catherine, you must go home to our dear Mother, but don't say a word about my secret. I will tell her when my voices order me to.



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