RP1 17v

(She kisses her little sister.) Goodbye, Catherine, pray for me and pray for France while I fight for her.

[Scene 13]

Catherine leaves in tears. Once she is gone, JOAN kneels and chants to the tune of "Pourquoi m'avoir livré l'autre jour, ô ma Mère ? " ["Why Did You Deliver Me the Other Day, Mother ?"].

For You alone, O my God, I will leave my Father
And all my dear family and my beautiful church steeple.
For You, I am going to leave and go fight in the war;
For You, I am going to leave my valley, my flock of sheep.
Instead of lambs, I will lead an army.
I give you all my joy, and my eighteen springtime.
To please You, Lord, I will take up the sword,
Instead of playing among the wildflowers. (2x)
My voice, now mixed with the whisper of the breeze
Must soon ring out in the midst of combat;
Instead of the dreamy sound of a faint bell,
I'll hear the clatter of men at arms.



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