RP1 19r

Not yet the palm and crown for you.
Take up your arms, Joan, you greathearted girl,
Take up this sword, it's God who gives it to you.

Kneeling, Joan takes the sword, then stands. She looks on it with happiness and love, pressing it to her heart.

THE TWO SAINTS together.
We'll follow you through all the battles, Joan,
Making you always victorious.
And soon we'll be able to place
The crown of glory on your head.


Melody: "Mignon sur la rive étrangère" ["Sweetheart on the Foreign Shore"]

 With you, beloved Saints,
I am not afraid of danger.
Yes, I shall leave these valleys
To track down the enemy.
I love France, my fatherland.
I want to save the Faith for her.
I shall sacrifice my life for her
And I shall fight for my king...


© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc





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