RP1 19v

 No, I am not afraid to die
I hope to live for Eternity!...
Now I must leave.
O my God, console my mother!...
 Saint Michael, bless me. (2x)

Joan kneels down to be blessed by Saint Michael, then she steps back.


Once Joan has left, Saint Michael looks up to Heaven and sings (Melody: "Les Rameaux" ["The Branches'].)


I can already see the Blessed Ones of Heaven
Who rejoice at hearing the lyre
Of Leo XIII, immortal pope,
Singing for Joan, virgin and martyr.
I hear the universe proclaim
The virtues of this humble, pious child.
And I can hear God confirm
The beautiful name of blessed Joan!
In these great days, France will suffer,
Her impious enemies all around
But Joan will shine in glory
Every pure heart will invoke the Saint,

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc