Pious Recreation n° 3 , 01r



Joan of Arc accomplishing her mission

or  the victories — the captivity —

the martyrdom and the heavenly triumphs

of the Venerable Joan of France 



Joan of Arc — Saint Gabriel — Saint Michael — Saint Catherine — Saint Margaret — King Charles VII — La Trémouille, Baron de Sully, the king's favorite — Regnault de Chartres, Arch­bishop of Reims and Chancellor of France — Robert le Maçon, lord of Trêves and Anjou — Raoul de Gaucourt, magistrate of Orléans — The Duke d'Alençon, the king's cousin — Jean d'Aulon, Joan's squire —Jean Massieu, a priest in the service of the bishop of Beauvais —
 Br. Martin l'Advenu, Joan of Arc's confessor — France

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[Scene 1]


The scene takes place at Chinon, in Charles VII's royal apartment. He is surrounded by his favorites and simply dressed as one of them, with­out his royal crown. La Trémouille is at his right.


Sire, your orders have been punctually executed. The shep­herdess from Domremy has just undergone several interrogations.



 Very well, La Trémouille, what's your advice? Should I admit her into my presence?

Since your Highness permits it, I dare say that Joan seems to me a madwoman, a visionary, capable of bringing ridicule to the Armagnac party. If we're to give credence to her words, the army must be handed over to her............................. What a lovely spectacle! a shepherdess made Grand Marshall of France! Better to surren­der today than be beaten while following a young girl!....

CHARLES VII, turning to Regnault de Chartres.

I'm curious as to your judgment, too. No counsel is to be disregarded when it's a matter of


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saving the kingdom, and yours is all the more important, being that of an archbishop. You can readily resolve the question now before us. Do you frankly believe that Joan who is called the Maid is inspired by Heaven?...


Sire, in order that Your Royal Highness be persuaded of the truth of what La Trémouille has just said: I absolutely agree with him and I am not afraid to say that a young girl who has such things said of her can only be hallucinatory, worthy of prison or at least of being sent back to her village and forbidden ever to leave it.


Does Your Highness permit that I say a word in turn?....




Sire, it seems to me that our Lords judge the shepherdess of Domremy too severely. Since Robert de Baudricourt (despite his somewhat sullen attitude) has agreed to let her leave



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Vaucouleurs with a selected escort, doesn't it seem right at least to grant the girl the audience she's requested with such insistence and so many tears? That in no way obliges Your Highness, and if Joan is only an adventuress, it will always be easy to dismiss her.


Listening to Robert le Maçon, who would recognize the Lord of Trêves and Anjou?... Isn't he saying he's ready to put him­self under the leadership of Joan, that keeper of sheep?...

RAOUL DE GAUCOURT, to La Trémouille.

The advice of the Lord of Trêves is not to be despised. I don't understand your opposition and that of My Lord the Chancellor of France. Let the shepherdess come in; if nothing else, she'll serve to amuse us.

THE DUKE OF ALENÇON enters, magnificently clothed, and salutes the Dauphin.

Sire, I've just heard an astonishing piece of news. Itseems that a shepherdess from Lorraine was at Chinon a few days ago and she claimed to be sent by Heaven to save Orléans andreestablish the kingdom of France. I'm curious to see her. Everything I hear of her leads me to believe that she's truly  


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 been given a mission to save us. As soon as I heard the talk about this girl, I left off the quail hunt on which I'd been enjoying myself and came before Your Highness to ask an audience for Joan the Maid.


Dear cousin, I can satisfy your curiosity. Joan has been wait­ing in the antechamber of the palace since this morning for the favor of being admitted into my presence. I am going to give the order to have her brought in, though I'm sorry to be so sim­ply dressed. My royal garments would have quite intimidated the poor shepherdess.


Sire, permit me to point out that there is a simple way to see if Joan is truly inspired by Heaven. Descend from your throne and I will take your place; if the girl offers me royal honors and does not recognize you among a crowd of courtiers, then clearly she does not have the spirit of God in her and she's wor­thy only of our disdain.


Duke, your idea is excellent and I pray your Highness to let me have the shepherdess  


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