Pious Recreation n° 3 , 01r



Joan of Arc accomplishing her mission

or  the victories — the captivity —

the martyrdom and the heavenly triumphs

of the Venerable Joan of France 



Joan of Arc — Saint Gabriel — Saint Michael — Saint Catherine — Saint Margaret — King Charles VII — La Trémouille, Baron de Sully, the king's favorite — Regnault de Chartres, Arch­bishop of Reims and Chancellor of France — Robert le Maçon, lord of Trêves and Anjou — Raoul de Gaucourt, magistrate of Orléans — The Duke d'Alençon, the king's cousin — Jean d'Aulon, Joan's squire —Jean Massieu, a priest in the service of the bishop of Beauvais —
 Br. Martin l'Advenu, Joan of Arc's confessor — France

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