RP3 03r


Vaucouleurs with a selected escort, doesn't it seem right at least to grant the girl the audience she's requested with such insistence and so many tears? That in no way obliges Your Highness, and if Joan is only an adventuress, it will always be easy to dismiss her.


Listening to Robert le Maçon, who would recognize the Lord of Trêves and Anjou?... Isn't he saying he's ready to put him­self under the leadership of Joan, that keeper of sheep?...

RAOUL DE GAUCOURT, to La Trémouille.

The advice of the Lord of Trêves is not to be despised. I don't understand your opposition and that of My Lord the Chancellor of France. Let the shepherdess come in; if nothing else, she'll serve to amuse us.

THE DUKE OF ALENÇON enters, magnificently clothed, and salutes the Dauphin.

Sire, I've just heard an astonishing piece of news. Itseems that a shepherdess from Lorraine was at Chinon a few days ago and she claimed to be sent by Heaven to save Orléans andreestablish the kingdom of France. I'm curious to see her. Everything I hear of her leads me to believe that she's truly  


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