RP3 03v

 been given a mission to save us. As soon as I heard the talk about this girl, I left off the quail hunt on which I'd been enjoying myself and came before Your Highness to ask an audience for Joan the Maid.


Dear cousin, I can satisfy your curiosity. Joan has been wait­ing in the antechamber of the palace since this morning for the favor of being admitted into my presence. I am going to give the order to have her brought in, though I'm sorry to be so sim­ply dressed. My royal garments would have quite intimidated the poor shepherdess.


Sire, permit me to point out that there is a simple way to see if Joan is truly inspired by Heaven. Descend from your throne and I will take your place; if the girl offers me royal honors and does not recognize you among a crowd of courtiers, then clearly she does not have the spirit of God in her and she's wor­thy only of our disdain.


Duke, your idea is excellent and I pray your Highness to let me have the shepherdess  


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