RP3 04r

brought in. 

Yes, I wish it. Have her enter right away.
LA TRÉMOUILLE, softly, turning towards Regnault.


 Soon we'll be rid of this maid who's so annoyed us. I'm tired of hearing her spoken of.He exits, then reenters almost immediately, having issued his orders. The King descends from the throne and the Duke of Alençon takes his place.

LA TRÉMOUILLE, to the Duke of Alençon.

I've given the order to have her come in by herself, with no instruction on the ceremonies in use at royal courts. Is she going to be embarrassed in front of your supposed highness!...

Joan of Arc enters alone, with her sword and her unfurled banner. Coming forward with assurance, she makes all the proper obeissances before the King, whom she recognizes without ever having seen him.


I am not the king, why do you salute me thus?


I am the king and you must render honors to me. But first, what is your name?

JOAN, with assurance.

Duke of Alençon, you are not the king, and it is to him that I have a mission to speak. (She turns to Charles VII.)  



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