RP3 04v

 By my God, gentle Prince, it is you and no other I have come to succor. I am called Joan the Maid. I assure you, on the part of the King of Heaven, that you will be consecrated and crowned at Reims, and you will be the lieutenant of the King of Heaven who is also King of France!... 


I cannot give credence to your words. If God wished to save the kingdom, He would not have left it so long in this extrem­ity where we find it.


Gentle Dauphin, why do you not believe me? I tell you God has had pity on you, your kingdom, your people, because Saint Louis and Charlemagne are kneeling before Him and pray­ing for you.


But how do you know these things of which you speak?


By my voices.


Would you not like to explain, here in the presence of the King, how these voices speak to you?

JOAN, to Charles VII.

Gentle Prince, if you wish it, I am ready to speak.



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