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Yes, I wish it. Tell us in detail how the voices came to teach you when you were at Domremy.

JOAN, to an inspired tune. (Poetry of Alexander Soumet, 1846.)

From the age of thirteen, alongside the Church,
Gentle Dauphin, I have many times heard
Holy voices come through the branches
And these voices said to me — dear memory!
That in order to have unchangeable peace always
One must stay pure, and great clarity
Came at the same time and from the same source.
I have anticipated this moment with great joy
One loves to see happen what God sends us!
Sometimes the voices were intimidating to me,
But always their wise counsel has guided me well.
One day — I still tremble with ecstasy and fright!...
One day as I prayed to God for France and the king,
I hung fresh boughs in the village church
— And do you believe?... I saw them shine
And in the air moving across the old wall
Came Saint Michael in an azure cloak.
His hand was holding the flaming sword;
His great gold-spangled white wings


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