RP3 05v


Spread in an arc; and on his blessed brow
There shone a ray of infinite happiness.
His luminous flight I saw unveiled,
Making clouds of stars as it passed.
It shone in my eyes, which were delighted,
Like a sapphire fallen from the height of the firmament.
The lilies that Solomon loved in their glory
Had a brilliance less pure than his silk robe;
The air was less light than his floating hair
And his voice resembled the whisper of spring
When it flows in the morning under flowery branches
Of sweet almond trees, our prairie bouquets....
— I contemplated a long time, dumbstruck with happiness,
The angel who came on the part of the Lord
And, seeing him fly to eternal places,
I said to him, weeping: — Take me under your wings!...


Is this the only Heavenly visitation you have received? I see nothing in this of your mission to save the kingdom.


By my God, gentle Prince, I assure you that, since this first visit, I have received others every day. Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret have appeared to me and have comforted me, for I often wept after

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