RP3 06v

one say she was hearing them still?... And what depth is in her gaze!... I can hardly bear it.......  


I am not so easily convinced. I still have my doubts.... There is a thing no one knows... And I tremble.... (After a pause) No, this doubt will never disappear from my soul. 

JOAN, whom the King's voice has brought around.

Gentle Dauphin, if I were alone with you, I would tell you the secret no one knows and make your doubts disappear.

CHARLES VII, very moved.

What? You know?... No, it's impossible... However, I am willing to have my courtiers stand off to the side for a moment.

He makes a gesture with his hand and the courtiers retire to the back of the apartment, where they watch from afar the touching scene that takes place before their eyes.

THE DUKE OF ALENÇON says to the other courtiers as they retire:

What a sight! A trembling monarch, threatened with the loss of his crown, and a shepherdess who comes with assurance to reaffirm that crown and give him back his power!....

JOAN approaches the Prince and says to him softly:

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