RP3 07r

By my God, gentle Prince, I know the prayer you made this morning after Communion, in your private oratory, with no one but God as witness. "Lord, if I am the rightful heir of the noble house of France and if this kingdom ought legitimately to belong to me, grant, I beg You, that I may preserve it and defend it against the attacks of the English. If that is not the case, I ask for the grace to escape death or captivity and let me escape to Scotland or Spain where I hope to find refuge." ( The king seems very moved. He weeps. Joan, in a louder voice:) And I tell you, on God's part, that you are the true heir of the kingdom of Franceand the King's son. I was sent to bring you to Reims that you might there receive the consecration and the crown.

THE KING, pressing Joan's hand between his own and speaking softly.

0 Joan! you are truly the envoy of Heaven. From now on you have only to speak and I will carry out your orders. (Rais­ing his voice, he says to the courtiers:) You may approach!... (The courtiers approach in silence and take up their places.)


I now have great confidence in this girl, for she has told me secrets that  


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