RP3 08r

Why, then, don't you fight alone? Since you are sure of victory, it's useless to raise a whole army, and the glory that came to you would be even greater...


I do not seek my own honor, but that of God. On the other hand, given only a handful of soldiers, I will win as well as with a vast army. But the attack must not begin without me! ...


Joan, I want the entire army to obey you and I promise you that the attack will begin only on your orders. Now let us retire and make your ' arrangements; I want you to choose the people who will make up your company. I grant you the rights and the following of a count, with all the equipment of a general of the army.

JOAN, leaning towards the King.

Gentle Dauphin, God Himself will reward you; soon you 1 see your glorious reign and your kingdom free of foreign tyr­anny.

All exit.

Scene 2

 JOAN and JEAN D'AULON, her squire.


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