RP3 09r

 skilled in his craft, and the will of the King of Heaven will be done, in spite of the jealousy of men... Everyone will be forced to see that victory belongs only to the God of armies.


Noble Knight, won't you rest tonight, since the attack must not begin until tomorrow?...


Yes, but we must take our rest in armor, since I fear the enemy may surprise us. Above all, don't fail to warn me at the first sign of an alarm.


You can count on me, but I'm convinced that nothing will trouble our sleep.

He exits. JOAN kneels and offers this prayer:

Lord, God of armies, deign to bless the repose of your ser­vant. Don't allow the English to come surprise city of Orléans while I sleep. Continue, Lord, the marvels You have begun to work for your people and, as in other times You destroyed the Philistines by your servant, the little shepherd David, who slew the giant Goliath, so today make known your power in the person of your servant Joan, the timid  



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