RP3 09v


shepherdess who, in Your Name, will chase the English out of France and destroy the power of Satan, that other Goliath who would like to wipe out the faith of the oldest daughter of the Church.

Joan lays down her sword and sits on the floor without removing her ar­mor. She takes her rest with an arm and her head simply leaning on a chair. — After a few moments of silence, she hears her voices and gets up again.


(Melody: "Viens avec moi pour aimer le printemps. " ["Come with Me to Admire the Spring"])

Awaken, Joan, daughter of God.
Take up your sword, your banner and lance.
Down there the blood of France is flowing,
The English are already setting fires!...

JOAN, forcefully.

Jean d'Aulon! Jean d'Aulon!...

THE SQUIRE rushes in, rubbing his eyes.

What's happening?... What do you want?...

JOAN, sharply.

Ah ! my voices warn me that French blood is flowing and you haven't told me!... Quick, my weapons, my horse!... (She picks up her sword.)


I'm going for your horse. (Sound of a horse galloping.)


No, it's useless; it will take too long... I hear the sound



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