RP3 10r

 of a horseman. I'll make him dismount and take his place.

She exits. JEAN D'AULON tries to stop her, saying:

Joan, you've forgotten your banner!...

JOAN, already gone, calls to him:

Pass it out through the window!

Jean d 'Aulon exits.

Scene 3 is offstage.

After a few moments, we hear the clash of arms, explosions, and JOAN's voice crying:

Duke of Alençon, tell me when the tail of my banner touches the rampart!... Charge!... My friends, my friends, Our Lord has condemned the English; this moment, they are ours!...


Joan, it is touching!...


Jesus, Mary! Forward, all is Yours!... Go through there. (We hear the cries of the English and, over them, JOAN shouting:)

Victory! Victory! ( The French take up the shout:) Victory! Victory!... Long live Joan of Arc!... Long live the liberator of Orléans!... — (JOAN responds:) Long live Christ! Long live Charles VII! (All the French cry out together:) Long live Christ! Long live Joan the Maid! Long live the King and the Kingdom of the French! 



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