RP3 10v

   Scene 4

THE KING, at Reims, after his coronation.

The King enters, magnificently dressed, with the royal crown on his head. Joan is on his right, carrying her standard unfurled, and dressed in full armor. The Lords of the court follow. The King ascends his throne. Joan takes her place beside him.


Joan, you have been the worthy instrument by which it has pleased God to save the kingdom of France. I wish to recog­nize your services.... Tell me, what do you desire? I am prepared to fulfill your every wish..

JOAN, falling at the King's feet.

Gentle King, now God's good pleasure has been served, that let me lift the siege of Orléans and bring you to this city of Reims to be anointed and crowned, to show that you are the true king, the one to whom the kingdom belongs. Now that my mission is accomplished, I beg that you let me go back immedi­ately to my parents at Domremy.

THE KING, very moved

Never will I consent to see you removed from my pres­ence. From now on, the kingdom will not know how to go on without   



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