RP3 11r

its liberator. The English must still be expelled, and you alone are capable of intimidating them.


Yes, Joan, now we can truly rephrase for you the words once spoken to Judith: 'You are the glory of Orléans, the joy of the French, the honor of your people. You have acted with manly courage and your heart is firm. Because you have loved chastity, the hand of the Lord has strengthened you and you will be blessed forever!..."

LA TRÉMOUILLE, wishing to change the subject.

Joan, who was that old man, dressed like a simple peasant, who forced us, all the lords of the court, to let him through to get close to you in the Reims cathedral this morning? It seems to me I saw him press you to his heart.

JOAN, in an emotional voice.

Oh! that old man was my Father!... my Father who never hesitated, despite his age, to come see his daughter's tri­umph.... He could not speak to me.... but he blessed me and I could read in his face that he'd come to ask me to go back with him to the peaceful hamlet that saw my birth. I saw that my mis­sion was finished, that now I must be content to pray for my king as I guard my sheep, after having fought for him


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