RP3 12r

THE KING, taking the parchments.

Noble Maid, these titles will serve for you and your parents. As a special privilege, I desire that they should descend in your family in the female as well as the male line.

(The king affixes his signature and passes the pen to La Trémouille who also signs.)

What's more, I myself drew up this coat of arms which will tell future ages what the kingdom owes you. Since your sword saved the crown, I have wished to link it with the arms of France itself to do you homage. I desire you to wear it into com­bat from now on.

JOAN, receiving the King's gifts.

Gentle King, my gratitude to you will never cease; I will obey you and hold these arms precious. Permit me, however, not to abandon my standard and always to carry it in battle, since this alone has given me victory by the precious names I have in­scribed on it.


You shall do as you intend, and I will see that you are always obeyed.... Now I am going to retire to my rooms; tomor­row you will give your orders.


[Scene 5] 

The King descends the throne and exits, followed by the other courtiers and JOAN herself, but she reenters and, kneeling down, chants this prayer to the tune of "Mignon sur la rive étrangère" ["Darling on the Foreign Shore"].


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