RP3 12v

To you, all honor and glory,
O my God! Almighty Lord!
You have given me the victory
Me, a weak and timid child....
And you, O my heavenly Mother!
Mary, my radiant star...
You have been my light and
Protected me from Heaven's height.
O sweet and shining star
When will I see the splendor
Of your dazzling whiteness?
When will I be beneath your veil,
Resting myself on your heart?... (2x)
My soul in earthly exile
Aspires to eternal happiness.
Nothing can satisfy it
But to see its God in Heaven.
But before seeing Him clearly,
I want to fight for Jesus...
To win Him countless souls.
I want to love Him more and more! ...
My life will pass like a single day
And soon without veil or cloud
I will see Jesus, my love. There....
On that Heavenly shore,
He will embrace me forever!!!... (2x)
After a fairly long moment of silence, THE VOICES are heard, to the tune of "Fil de la Vierge" ["The Virgin's Thread"]
They have passed for you, the days of victory
And honor.
Already your enemies seek to hide your glory
In their rage.
Soon they will take you and make you a prisoner.
A dark dungeon
Will become your shelter, you will be without light.
But every evening


© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc