RP3 13r

Descending to you, Joan, sweet martyr,
We who love you
Will sing to the tune of our lyre
To delight you.
Do not  fear, poor child, you will be consoled
 In your sorrow.
We promise you, you will be delivered
By the Lord!....

Joan hears these voices on her knees. An expression of terror crosses her face when she hears of her captivity. At the end, she covers her face in her hands. — The Duke of Alençon enters a moment later and finds her in this state. Joan seems unaware of his presence. 

[Scene 6] 

THE DUKE OF ALENÇON, talking to himself

What is happening?... Have her voices told her of some defeat?... This is not how she usually receives visits from Heaven.... (He approaches her and, touching her, he says:) Joan, what's wrong?— You appear not to have noticed me here!

 JOAN, rising.

There's nothing wrong... My voices were speaking to me...


Did they give you some bad news?... You seemed crestfallen when I came in!....


No, gentle Duke, the news is not bad, since it is God's good pleasure. It is just that the time of my glory is over, and soon I'll be taken by the English.

THE DUKE, sharply.


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