RP3 14r

I hope it will surrender. But if that city refuses to sur­render, I'll lead the army towards the walls of Compiègne. I am counting on you, Duke of Alençon. You've always been faithful to me, and I hope you will accompany me again, in the new campaigns that I'm going to undertake. (After a pause.) I will confide in you, I fear only one thing: treason!...


Oh Joan! who could be such an enemy of the Fatherland as to betray you?... you are innocence, gallantry itself... Count on my devotion. I will give you faithful companionship, at the risk of my life, if need be...


La Trémouille knows how attached you are to me; in fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see him using all his strength to sepa­rate us.... After all, nothing can happen that God has not fore­seen for all eternity; this thought gives me great courage when I think about the future.


It's late, you must be tired. Go take a rest. Tomorrow, as the king has told you, you'll give your orders.

They exit.


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