RP3 14v


Second Part


[Scene 1] 

The stage shows the prison. Joan is chained and alone, sitting on a rock. Some straw is visible on the ground, with a jug and some black bread.

JOAN, singing

(Melody:"Pourquoi m'avoir livré l'autre jour, ô ma Mère?"["Why Was I Handed Over the Other Day, O My Mother?"])

My voices have foretold it,
I'm a prisoner. I await help only from You, O my God.
For Your love alone, I left my old Father,
My flowered fields and skies forever blue.
For Your love only, I left my valley,
And showing the soldiers the sign of the cross,
Lord, in Your Name, I commanded the army,
The greatest generals heard my voice. (2x)
An obscure prison, behold my reward,
The prize of my labors, my blood and my tears.
I will not see again the places of my childhood,
My laughing prairie adorned with flowers.
I will not see again the distant mountain
Whose snowy peak blends with the azure.
And I will not hear again, from the hesitant bell,
That sweet, dreamy sound fill the pure air. (2x)
In my somber prison, I search in vain for the star
That sparkles at evening in the beautiful sky.
I look for the leaves that covered me
As I slept while guarding my flock.
Here, as I sleep in this tumult of tears,
I dream of perfumes, of the dew of dawn.
I dream of my valley, of the charming forest.
But the clank of my chains suddenly awakes me. (2x) 

[Scene 2] 

Saint Margaret appears; seeing her, JOAN cries out:


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