RP3 15r

O Saint Margaret! how long you have been......SaintCatherine told me that my captivity would last three months, and those three months have gone by... At last you have come to save me!... Break my chains and let me return to my dear village of Domremy.


sings to the tune of "Masque de fer" ["Iron Mask"]:

No, Joan, I cannot yet break your chains,
To give you again your valleys and flowery fields.
But I've come down from Heaven to ease your pain.
I come to dry the tears from your eyes...

She goes to Joan, caresses her and, wipes her tears with her gold- spangled veil.

Then you have not come to save me?... Must I die be­fore seeing the total triumph of France? But you have promised me that the kingdom of Saint Louis would preserve the Faith,you have assured my deliverance, and, see, I am in irons.... Ican no longer do anything to save my country!....
SAINT MARGARET , to the same tune.
Yes, I promised you, and victory is certain.
The kingdom of the French will keep the Faith....
Joan, in your prison, weighed down by chains,
You suffer for your God and you save your King. (2x)
How mysterious your words are! I cannot grasp their mean­ing.... Saint Catherine spoke to me in the same way after a mistake of mine, when I leapt from the towers of Beaurevoir,  

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