RP3 15v


to go to the help of the good people of Compiègne.... The bishop of Beauvais reproached me about this disobedience to my voices when he questioned me, but I have confessed and Saint Catherine told me that God has forgiven me. She also prom­ised to come back, but I haven't seen her since I got here. I don't remember disobeying her... Oh! I beg you, ask her to come deliver me....

to the tune of "Dieu de paix et d'amour" ["God of Peace and Love"].
The Martyr will come, celebrating your victory.
 She will place the palm in your hand.
To eternal glory she will show you                    
The luminous path. (2x)


[Scene 3]


Saint Margaret exits.
Jean Massieu enters, carrying some scrolls of parchment. Seeing this, JOAN gets up and says softly:

Ah! here's Jean Massieu.


Joan, what were you doing when I came in?


I was listening to the voice of Saint Margaret.


How do your voices address you? Isn't it "daughter of God, great-hearted daughter, daughter of the Church"?...


Yes, every day they speak to me they call me daughter of God, daughter of the Church.


Since you are a daughter of the Church, why do you refuse  

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