RP3 16v

my mission is from God... Even if the bonfire were there and I felt the flames, I would never say anything contrary to that.

JEAN MASSIEU, in an emotional voice.

Alas! you may soon doubt the reality of your mission.... If you know the news I bring you!...


Has the army of the king suffered a defeat?... Should that happen, it would not make me doubt, for I have been as­sured that, before seven years have passed, the English will be chased from France....



It's not about the French army, it's about you. O Joan! how it costs me to tell you this terrible news... I, who have always been so devoted to you... but I must, at the peril of my life... Be­sides, if I hide the truth from you someone else will tell you. ( After a pause, Jean Massieu, who seems more and more moved, unrolls the scroll and says:) Joan, your sentence has been pronounced: you are condemned to be publicly burnt this very day.


To be burnt! ! !... O my God, is it possible.... I'd rather be beheaded seven times over!... But what crime have I committed?...

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