RP3 17r

JEAN MASSIEU, reading from the parchment.

You are accused of being a Heretic, Relapsed, Apostate, Idolater, and Sorceress.


Alas! if I'd been taken to Rome, as I so often asked, the Holy Father would have recognized that I was innocent... Oh! I appeal to God, the great judge of the universe, against the unjust death my enemies are going to make me suffer.... (She hides her face in her hands to weep.)


Have you not strong courage, Joan? Don't you believe that you will be saved?....

JOAN, lifting up her head with a noble pride.

I firmly believe, as my voices have told me, that I shall be saved; I believe as firmly as if it were already so...


I'm going to leave you alone so you can more freely prepare to go before God......... (He gets up; as he crosses the door­step, he turns and says in an emotional voice:) Joan, when you are in Heaven, pray for me!

 [Scene 4]

JOAN, alone.

Is it true I'm to be burned?... Oh no! I still hope for deliverance.... my voices have promised me! Saint Michael, I put            


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