RP3 17v

 my confidence in you. Oh! come and break my bonds....


[Scene 5]


and chants to the tune of "Adieux du martyr" ["The Martyr's Farewells"]


I am not that glorious archangel 
who came before to arm you for battle,
But I have left the heavenly host
To comfort you here below..........
I, Gabriel, flew down to the earth
To gather the Savior's tears.
I was witness to His bitter sorrow
And came from Heaven to comfort His heart.
In the garden, on the eve of His passion,
I supported the Almighty Lord.
I saw the tears on His blessed Face!...
I saw His adorable Blood flow out! ! !...
But I take away the sights from sinners,
I show the Savior God His chosen...
You'll smile on Him through all the ages.
Joan, your name has consoled Jesus!...


O beautiful angel! how sweet is your voice! I feel hope re­born in my heart when you speak to me of the sufferings of
Jesus....... Alas! I am almost revolted to think of the treason of which I'm the victim, since I know I have been sold to the English.... and now all the French have abandoned me... even my King seems not to be disturbed by my death!...


continues to the tune of "Adieux du martyr" ["The Martyr's Farewells"]


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