RP3 18v

You do not see the presence of Jesus;
His ravishing charms are hidden...
Joan, your heart dreads suffering,
You are facing death and you are only twenty!
Daughter of God, throughout your life
You have resembled Jesus, your Spouse,
And now He sees your agony.
He hears your every sigh.
Great-hearted virgin, Jesus sees your anguish.
He upholds you in His all-powerful arms...
For you, to this passing life    
Shall soon succeed an eternal present!


[Scene 6]

The archangel exits. Left alone, Joan holds her head in her hands. Her stance reveals a profound sadness mixed with resignation. After a few moments,


Poor Joan! everything is ready. In half an hour you will leave this place to go to death, or rather to the end of your troubles.... But perhaps you have some last wish? Speak with­out fear — I promise to do the impossible to satisfy you....


 Oh! yes, I have one wish, and if you can procure this grace I desire I will remember you forever. Before I die, I want to receive Holy Communion one last time... Jesus hidden under the veils of the white host is all that will give me the strength to walk to my death... When I feel His Divine Heart beating next to mine, it seems to me that the fire of His love will help me bear with courage the flames of the bonfire... 


© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc



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