RP3 19r


Though I fear I might be refused, I'll go at once to ask this favor of My Lord [the Bishop] of Beauvais. With your having been excommunicated, I believe he won't be able to allow you Com¬≠munion.........  But pray... God can grant this miracle for you!...


Oh, thank you!... The Lord will give you the consolation that you are giving me!...


[Scene 7] 

Jean Massieu exits. After he's gone, Joan kneels down.


Oh my God! now I understand the deliverance my voices told me of.... It wasn't at all what I'd dreamt........Rather it was death!... death at twenty!.... Oh! how insignificant is human glory. It has passed for me like smoke that vanishes in a moment!... Under lovely laurels, my enemies have dug my grave!... I am going to die!... Within the hour there'll be nothing left of me but ashes.... But no, O my God, I am wrong! my soul will fly to You. I am going to live to never die again.... One day my body will rise from the dust and be reunited with my soul. It will see You and possess You Yourself, Lord!... Why then am I still sad, why does the bonfire make me afraid?...


[Scene 8]


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