RP3 19v

 Saint Catherine enters, clothed in a white robe, crowned with roses and carrying a martyr's palm. She goes to sit by Joan who smiles at seeing her.

 taking Joan's chained hands and pressing them to her heart.
O my dear Sister, I come to you! I come to console you and to show you the glory the Lord plans for His elect. Hear the words of eternal Wisdom and you will understand why the God of love has willed that your time here below should be brief like the flight of a dove... Hear..... and may your heart leap for joy...
"The souls of the just are in the hand of God and the tor­ment of death will not touch them. To unsensing eyes, they have appeared to die and their departure from earth has seemed an affliction.... however, they are in peace!... If they have suf­fered torments before men, their hope is full of the immortality they have been promised... Their affliction was light and their reward will be great, because the Lord has tested them and found them worthy of Him. He has tried them like gold in a furnace... He has received them as a holocaust... The just will shine, they will glitter like flames among reeds... they will judge the nations and hold dominion over the peoples, and their Lord will reign eternally." [See Wisdom 3:1-8]


Oh! How the words of the Eternal Wisdom spread peace in my soul!... Is it really true that I will have the happiness of seeing God and sharing the delights of the Saints?... But I am only in the springtime of my life; what reward can I expect after so little time on earth?...


Joan, listen again to the words of Uncreated Wisdom; that is what will teach you what you 



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