RP3 20r

 wish to know: "When one of the just," it says, "dies a premature death, he finds himself at peace, because what makes age venerable is not the length of life or the number of years. Rather, the prudence of the just will take the place of white hair, and a spotless life will count as a happy old age.... As the just one has been pleasing to God, God has loved him and the Lord has taken him away from the sinners he lived among, lifted him up from fear that the world's malice might cor­rupt his spirit and false appearances seduce his soul... Having lived only a little, he's run the course of a long life, because his soul was pleasing to God; that is why He has hastened to snatch this one from the midst of iniquity.... . People see this removal without understanding it and it does not occur to them that the grace and the mercy of God are for His Saints and that He looks with favor on His elect......But youth ended so soon condemns the long lives of sinners — they will see the end of the wise one and will not understand God's plan for him and why the Lord has kept him safe......"  [See Wis 4:7-17]


On earth, they will not understand, but on the last day they will; how great their sorrow will be to see the just in glory!... Alas! what will those who now persecute me say when they see these magnificent promises fulfilled in me?...

SAINT CATHERINE, continuing to quote the words of Wisdom.

"On the last day, the just will rise up against those who have heaped afflictions on them. The wicked will be seized with fear and a horrible fright. They will say to themselves: 'These are those who once were the object of our mockery and whom we branded as deserving of all sorts of disgrace!... How foolish we were! their life seemed folly to us and their deaths shameful; but see them raised among the children of God and of the company of the Saints.... How has our pride served us?... What have we gained from our riches?... All these things have passed like a shadow, like a ship that ploughs through the turbulent waters and leaves no trace of its passage.... Thus we are no sooner born than we cease to be, and we have shown no trace of virtue within ourselves.' Thus will the wicked speak, because their hope is like smoke that the wind blows away or like the memory of a traveler that passes by, not spending a day in one place......But the just will live forever; the Lord holds their reward for them. That is why they will receive a wonderful kingdom from His hands and a crown


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