RP3 21r

I want to take up my cross, sweet Savior, and follow You.
I want nothing more than to die for Your love.
I wish to die in order to begin to live.
I wish to die to be united with Jesus. (2x)


[Scene 10]


Joan, the time of sacrifice is here!... but before leaving the prison, you're going to have the consolation of receiving the Divine Eucharist. The bishop of Beauvais has told me to refuse you nothing.


I thank you for obtaining this priceless favor for me; with Jesus in my heart, I will walk fearlessly to death. (Raising her eyes to Heaven.) O my God! I'm going to receive You in my prison, hidden under the appearance of a bit of bread, and my thanksgiving is going to end in Heaven where I'm going to con­template You in an eternal Face to face!


You won't receive Holy Communion here, but in the prison next door. Before you leave, do you want to put back on the white dress you asked for, to wear to your death?... (He holds out a dress he's been holding rolled up under his arm.)


Yes, I would like that very much. It seems to me that in this dress I will be more like my beloved Savior, who was clothed in white in Herod's palace.... I don't want to go to martyrdom dressed as a warrior, since peace is assured to me for all eternity.



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