RP3 21v

I want to dress in the gown of a Virgin who is go­ing to her spouse....

Jean Massieu unchains her so she can put on the dress. Then in the dis­tance voices are heard, chanting the litany of the Blessed Virgin.


Do you hear the voices of the faithful, coming along with the Holy Sacrament?... The procession is already at the prison walls, but we still have some time, there are many stairs to get up here....

We distinctly hear the invocations: "Regina Martyrum ora pro ea — Regina Virginum," then the voices seem to dissipate in the dark halls of the prison. Now that Joan has put on her white gown, Jean Massieu chains her again and they exit.

THE VOICES, chanting.

Fly to martyrdom... fly!...
Here is your deliverance.
Fly, fly, Joan of France,
Fly to martyrdom... fly!...
There is your spouse, there is your king,
There is the God for whom you fought.

We cannot see the judges; except for the priest with her, Joan is alone on the woodpile. The scene is disguised with screens or lamps, and stoves are ready to create the effect of a fire.

We hear the voice of the BISHOP OF BEAUVAIS.

Joan, you know the numerous reasons for your condem­nation: you are a Heretic, Relapsed, Apostate, and Idolator. By your sorceries, you've had a heretical king crowned, waving your enchanted banner over his head during the consecration... now you can go in peace. The Church to which you refused to submit cannot defend you... Every dead branch must be separated from the vine and thrown into the fire.



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