RP3 22v

For whom would Heaven be, if not for you!...
Your prince was deprived of his legitimate scepter
You have offered yourself as victim to the God who makes kings
And you were accepted; He calls you today.
He demands the offering: it is worthy of Him...
Already your brow shines with a martyr's glow.
The bonfire vanishes and is changed into an altar.
Liberating Angel, take your flight towards Heaven.

The fire is lit. Seeing it flame up, JOAN cries out:

Ah! the fire... Br. Martin, jump!...

He descends; only the top of the Cross is in sight and Joan fixes her eyes on it.

chanting to the tune of "Au sein de l'heureuse Patrie" ["In the Bosom of the Happy Homeland"].


We come down from the eternal shore
To smile on you, and bring you to Heaven.
See in our hands the immortal crown
That will shine on your glorious brow...
Come with us, dear Virgin,
O come to our beautiful blue Heaven!...
Leave this exile for the Homeland,
Come rejoice in life,
Daughter of God!...

JOAN looks up to Heaven and says:

I hear my voices inviting me to fly up to Heaven... M voices have never deceived me and my mission was from God!. ( The fire and smoke envelop her more and more; then she cries out: ) Oh! the fire rises... I am burning!... water, blessed water!...Jesus, come to my aid!!!....



© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc




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