RP3 23r

The flames of this bonfire are glowing,
But more intense is the love of your God.
Soon for you, the eternal dew
Will replace this fiery torment.
Finally, deliverance is here,
See, liberating Angel,
The palm is already outstretched.
Jesus is coming towards you,
Great-hearted daughter.
Virgin and martyr, a moment of suffering
Is going to lead you to eternal rest.
Daughter of God, your death saves France;
You must open Heaven to her children.
JOAN sings this refrain.
I'm entering into eternal life!...
I see... the angels, the elect...
I am dying to save my country.
Come!... Virgin Mary....
Jesus!... Jesus!!!................
Joan bows her head and seems to sink onto the bonfire. Then she casts off her white robe and
[An additional loose page, 23*r-v, is slipped into the manuscript at this point.] 

With the screens removed, we see a magnificent throne. Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret support Joan, and Saint Michael is also beside her. They sing to the tune: "Oui, je le crois, elle est immaculée" ["Yes, I Believe It, She is Immaculate"].

SAINT MARGARET, crowning Joan with roses.

It is for you (2x)
An immortal crown (2x),

SAINT CATHERINE, placing a palm in her hand.

Martyr for the Lord, this palm is yours.

SAINT MICHAEL, seating her on the throne.

And the God of armies prepared this throne for you
It is for you. (2x)

THE SAINTS together.

Oh! rest in Heaven, Joan, pure Dove
Forever free of the hunters' nets.
Here you'll find a murmuring brook,
Open space and fields of flowers.

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc


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